Tytania DVD Collection 2 "Sold Out"

Tytania DVD Collection 2  "Sold Out"

Tytania DVD Collection 2 "Sold Out"

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Video Type - Domestic DVD - Series - Tytania - Language - English & Japanese - Region - 1 NTSC - Publisher - Sentail Filmworks


Contains Episodes:

The rulers of the Empire of Valdana have repeatedly failed to capture Fan Hyurlick, but now they've succeeded in doing something far worse by striking down the ones closest to him. Unfortunately for the surviving members of the Tytania dynasty, by changing their greatest enemy from an interstellar fugitive into a man driven by anger and vengeance, all they've really accomplished is to sign their own death warrants! And if that wasn't enough trouble, the internal divisions among the Empire are coming apart at the seams and suddenly none of the Landless Lords are safe from a knife in the back! The body count will climb as brother turns on brother and one man's fight for justice becomes a vendetta! The creative team behind the legendary MACROSS unleashes an epic struggle for the future of mankind in the climatic second collection of TYTANIA!