Tsubasa Chronicles [BluRay] OVA Collections (S.A.V.E) "Sold Out"

Tsubasa Chronicles [BluRay] OVA Collections (S.A.V.E) "Sold Out"

Tsubasa Chronicles [BluRay] OVA Collections (S.A.V.E) "Sold Out"

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Video Type - Domestic BluRay - Series - Tsubasa Chronicle And XXXHolic - Language - English & Japanese - Region - 1 NTSC - Publisher - Funimation


Her Soul, His Sacrifice.

After visiting countless realities, Syaoran, Sakura, Fai, and Kurogane finally learn the truth behind their shared fate. The shadowy villain responsible for scattering Sakura’s memories is exposed, and the four friends endure twists and turmoil unlike any they’ve ever encountered. Impossible sacrifices, both emotional and physical, must be made.

When Fai is dealt an incredible wound, Kurogane takes shocking steps to save the wizard from death. The warrior’s efforts will connect them forever. In a savage urban wasteland, Sakura’s survival is far from guaranteed as she boldly takes action like never before. Indeed, nobody is safe – and the quest’s noble hero is in the greatest danger of all. Syaoran must face his fiercest foe yet: himself. One Syaoran is a clone. The other is real. When a brutal battle erupts between the two, it is Sakura who suffers most. Prepare for the unexpected. Nothing is as it seems. Everything you know about Tsubasa changes now.

Special Features:
Tokyo Revelations

* OVA 1 Cast Commentary.
* OVA 2 Cast Commentary.
* OVA 3 Cast Commentary.
* Textless Opening Song – Synchronicity.
* Textless Closing Song – Saigo no Kajitsu.

Spring Thunder Chronicle

* Part 1 Cast Commentary.
* Part 2 Cast Commentary.
* Textless Opening Song – SONIC BOOM.
* Textless Closing Song – Kioku no Mori.