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Transformers Legends

LG EX Rattle "Sold Out"LG EX Rhinox "Sold Out"LG EX Waspinator "Sold Out"Transformers Legends LG-EX God Ginrai Set
Price: $200.00
SALE PRICE: $190.00
LG01 Rattrap (Rattle) "Sold Out"LG02 Convoy "Sold Out"LG03 Tankor "Sold Out"LG04 Roadbuster "Sold Out"
LG05 Whirl "Sold Out"LG06 Gelshark (Sky Byte) "Sold Out"LG07 Jetfire "Sold Out"LG10 Arcee "Sold Out"
LG11 Chromia "Sold Out"LG12 Wind Blade "Sold Out"LG13 Megatron "Sold Out"LG14 Ultra Magnus "Sold Out"
LG15 Nightbird Shadow "Sold Out"LG16 Slipstream "Sold Out"LG17 Blackarachnia "Sold Out"LG18 Thundercracker/Armada Starscream Supreme Mode "Sold Out"
LG19 Springer "Sold Out"LG20 Skids "Sold Out"LG21 Hardhead "Sold Out"LG22 Skullcruncher "Sold Out"
LG23 Galvatron "Sold Out"LG24 Shockwave & Cancer "Sold Out"LG25 Blurr "Sold Out"LG26 Scourge "Sold Out"
LG27 Broadcast (Blaster) "Sold Out"LG28 Rewind and Nightbeat "Sold Out"LG29 Wheelie & Goshooter "Sold Out"LG30 Wierdwolf "Sold Out"
LG31 Fortress Maximus
Price: $310.00
SALE PRICE: $300.00
LG32 Chromedome "Sold Out"LG33 Highbrow "Sold Out" LG34 Mindwipe "Sold Out"
LG35 Super Ginrai "Sold Out"LG36 - Soundwave "Sold Out"LG37 - Jaguar & Bullhorn "Sold Out"LG38 - Condor & Apeface "Sold Out"
LG39 - Brainstorm "Sold Out"LG40 - Astrotrain "Sold Out"LG41 - Leo Prime "Sold Out"LG42 - God Bomber "Sold Out"
LG43 - Dyna Saurer (Trypticon) "Sold Out"LG44 Sharkticon & Sweeps "Sold Out"LG45 Targetmaster Hot Rod "Sold Out"LG46 Targetmaster Kup "Sold Out"
LG47 Kickback & Clouder "Sold Out"LG48 Brawn & Repugnus "Sold Out"LG49 Targetmaster Triggerhappy "Sold Out"LG50 Sixshot "Sold Out"
LG51 Targetmaster Doublecross "Sold Out"LG52 Targetmaster Misfire "Sold Out"LG53 Broadside
Price: $65.00
SALE PRICE: $55.00
LG-EX Black Convoy Tokyo Toy Show 2017 Limited Edition
Price: $210.00
SALE PRICE: $200.00
LG54 Bumblebee With Exo-Suit Spike "Sold Out"LG55 Targetmaster Slugslinger "Sold Out"LG56 Perceptor "Sold Out"LG57 Octane "Sold Out"
LG 58 Clone Bot Set "Sold Out"LG59 Blitzwing "Sold Out"LG60 Overload "Sold Out"LG61 Clone Droid Set - Pounce & Wingspan "Sold Out"
LG62  Targetmaster Windblade "Sold Out"LG63 G2 Megatron "Sold Out"LG64 Seaspray & Rione "Sold Out"LG65 Targetmaster Twin Twist "Sold Out"
LG66 Target Master Top Spin "Sold Out"