Super Mario Bro's DVD Movie Pack

Super Mario Bro's DVD Movie Pack

Super Mario Bro's DVD Movie Pack

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Video Type - Domestic DVD - Series - Super Mario Bro's - Language - English & Japanese - Region - 1 NTSC - Publisher - Ncircle


Super Mario Bros. - Mario's Movie Madness

King Koopa is up to his old tricks, and it’s up to the plumbers from Brooklyn, Mario and Luigi, to save the day. Follow Mario and his friends through 5 hilarious adventures across the various wacky worlds of the Mushroom Kingdom. Whether it’s Mario Skywalker fighting Darth Koopa, or the Toad Warrior taking the streets of the desolate Car Land, Mario’s Move Madness is sure to be a non-stop laugh fest!

Super Mario Bros. Super Show! - Koopas Rock

Oh Brother! - Hostility forms between the Mario Bros when they are Kooped up in Toad's cottage due to a storm outside.

* Misadventures of Mighty Plumber - King Koopa sucks a TV hero from the television set and then tells the crusader that the Mario Bros are evil.
* Do the Koopa - Mario and his friends set out for Darkland and the Temple of Gloom to recover the magical Music Box.
* Kootie Pie Rocks - Mario, Luigi and the Princess go to the real world to see a concert.
* Up, Up and A Koopa - The 'Koopa-Doopa-raiser-Upper' device sends the Mushroom Kingdom up into the clouds and creates an awesome challenge for Mario and his friends.
* 7 Continents for 7 Koopas - Koopa and his Koopalings invade the real world in the Doom Ship, sealing all the warp pipes behind them and leaving the Mario Bros unable to interfere!

Super Mario Bros. Super Show! - Off the Map

* Bad Rap - Koopa kidnaps the King of Rapland where everyone speaks in rap rhyme. It's up to the rapping Marios to save the day.
* Too Hot to Handle - Koopa has imprisoned the Fire God of Lavalava Land and forces the natives to sacrifice the Princess Toadstool to the local volcano.
* Mighty McMario and the Pot of Gold - When a Leprechaun our heroes meet in Shamrock Land asks them to help recover his pot o'gold coins stolen by Koopa, the Marios can only say "yes".
* Elvin Lives - The Marios, the Princess, and Toad arrive in Sock Hop Land to save the music king Elvin Parsley from Greaser Koopa.
* Crocodile Mario - Our heroes arrive in Down Under Land and have to save the Outback Mushroom People from Kangaroo Koopa and an army of crocodiles.

Super Mario Bros. - Mario of the Deep

* Rollin’ Down the River - Mario and Luigi disguise themselves as Riverboat Gamblers to rescue the Princess who is held captive on Captain Koopa's sidewheeler, "The Sinister Star".
* Pirates of the Koopa - Long John Koopa kidnaps the Princess and is auctioning her off to his fellow pirates when our heroes arrive in pirate disguises.
* Mario of the Deep - Koopa has moved his underhandedness under the sea, has captured King Neptune, and is forcing the Mermushrooms to loot the sunken ships of gold coins. 20,000 Koopas Under the Sea: Our heroes travel to Oceanworld where they discover Captain Koopa-Nemo is using a super submarine to terrorize the Mushroom People.
* The Koopas are Coming! - Our heroes come to the rescue of General George Washingtoad by helping him cross the Delawide River to defeat the Redcoat Koopa's army.

Super Mario Bros. - Yoshi the Superstar

* Fire Sale - Kootie Pie steals Mama Fireplant, the source of the Cave People’s fire, so Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool and Yoshi go to Ice Land, where Yoshi must overcome his fear of water to rescue his friends and save Mama Fireplant from being extinguished forever.
* Mama Luigi - In a flashback, Luigi tells Yoshi how Luigi rescued Yoshi as an egg, how Baby Yoshi thought Luigi was his mother, and how Baby Yoshi helped Luigi and Mario rescue Princess Toadstool from King Koppa and became their permanent ally.
* Born to Ride - After being scolded by Mario and Luigi, Yoshi runs away and joins a motorcycle-riding Evil Dinosaur Gang who uses him to kidnap the Mario Brothers for King Koopa. When Yoshi finds out he was being played for a sucker, he enlists the help of Princess Toadstool and they ride to the rescue.
* The Yoshi Shuffle - When Luigi is turned into an egg and Yoshi mistakes him for a football. Yoshi leads Mario on a madcap chase through Dinosaur World. When the Koopas join in, it becomes the biggest, wildest football game of Mario’s life.
* A Little Learning - Princess Toadstool starts a school with Yoshi and Oogtar with Hip & Hop as her first students. The kids become sworn enemies and their desire for revenge culminates in a disastrous science fair that threatens to blow up the entire Dinosaur world!
* The Night Before Cave Christmas - Mario decides to bring Christmas to the Cave People. Luigi and Princess Toadstool make toys and wrap gifts, Mario dresses up as Santa Claus, and Yoshi pulls the “cave sleigh”. But when King Koopa, “Grinch”-like, steals the toybag with Oogtar inside Mario must save Cave Christmas.