Space Battleship Yamato Movie DVD Box Set "Sold Out"

Space Battleship Yamato Movie DVD Box Set "Sold Out"

Space Battleship Yamato Movie DVD Box Set "Sold Out"

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Video Type - Domestic DVD - Series - Star Blazers - Language - Japanese & English - Region - 1 NTSC Publisher - Voyager


Contains all 5 Space Battleship Yamato movies!

In the year 2199, Earth was threatened by a deadly intergalactic Empire, and humankind was driven underground with only one year to live. Then from space came a message of hope, and an ancient fighting spirit would be revived to answer it: YAMATO!

In the year 1974, a new anime series debuted in Japan that, despite humble beginnings, created a shock wave that can still be heard today. SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO brought Japan's best artists, writers, and filmmakers together under a new genre called "space adventure roman," and the result could only be a classic. Spanning ten years, the saga incorporated three TV series (known to the English-speaking world as STAR BLAZERS) and five magnificent, monumental movies that not only made box-office history, they also inspired the "anime boom" that brought us most of today's best programs.

With this collection, you can follow the Yamato and her crew on their greatest journeys and also experience the equally incredible real-life story of the Yamato phenomenon through an extensive archive of special features, the most detailed and complete Yamato experience anywhere!