Snake Kigurumi (Pajamas) Sazac "Sold Out"

Snake Kigurumi (Pajamas) Sazac  "Sold Out"

Snake Kigurumi (Pajamas) Sazac "Sold Out"

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Snake Kigurumi

It's Friday night and you're heading to your best friend's slumber party. You have your pillow, you have your sleeping bag, but what to wear, what to wear? Slither your way into comfort with the Snake Kigurumi. The vibrant green color and extra soft fleece material make for the ultimate slumber party pjs and something to snake around the house in!

Made with love by Sazac.

Adults: One Size, Unisex
From about 5 feet tall to about 6 feet tall
Lots of room for various weights
These toys may contain parts that could be a choking hazard to children under 3