Saint Seiya DVD Movie Collection 2

Saint Seiya DVD Movie Collection 2

Saint Seiya DVD Movie Collection 2

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Video Type - Domestic DVD - Series - Saint Seiya - Language - Japanese with English Subtitles - Region - 1 NTSC Publisher - New Video


LEGEND OF CRIMSON YOUTH (1988) When Athena goes to visit her brother, fellow god Abel, he informs her of her plans to destroy humanity according to tradition as punishment for their departure from the holy path. Dismissing Seiya and his fellow Bronze Saints, Abel places Athena under his own protection only for her to rebel. As Seiya and his team attempt to defeat the legendary Corona and resurrected Gold Saints, Athena's soul is en route to the afterlife. Can they rescue their goddess and protect mankind before it's too late?

WARRIORS OF THE FINAL HOLY BATTLE (1989) Lucifer himself has come to destroy the Sanctuary and claim the lives of Athena and the Gold and Bronze Saints in the process. As the Saints attempt to stop Lucifer's Fallen Angels, Athena once again places herself in danger to stop his deadly plan.

Based on the long-running manga series by Masami Kurumada, Saint Seiya helped define the Shonen Jump anime format. A massive hit all around the globe, this release brings the first two Saint Seiya feature films from the original series to North American for the first time, using the newest Japanese remaster.

Combining Greek Mythology with Astrology, Saint Seiya is the story of five young men who, upon visiting the Sanctuary, are granted power armors called Cloths in order to protect the reincarnation of the goddess Athena. Running from 1986-1989, the Saint Seiya anime has been seen all around the world, and was broadcast on Cartoon Network in the US as Knights of the Zodiac.