Ranma 1/2 TV [BluRay] Season 1 Box Set "Sold out"

Ranma 1/2 TV [BluRay] Season 1 Box Set "Sold out"

Ranma 1/2 TV [BluRay] Season 1 Box Set "Sold out"

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Video Type - Domestic BluRay Series - Ranma Genre - Comedy/Martial Arts Language - English/Japanese Region - 1 NTSC Publisher - Viz Running Time - 450


Meet the Tendos?your average, run-of-the-mill Japanese family. Along with his three lovely young daughters ? Kasumi, Nabiki, and Akane ? father Soun Tendo is the proud owner of the "Tendo Anything-Goes Martial Arts Training Hall," a downtown Tokyo dojo where literally anything can happen and will.

When old friend Genma Saotome comes for a visit with young Ranma in tow, it seems the wedding which will secure the future of the Tendo dojo will finally take place.

What no one expected was that the little trip to China that Genma and Ranma took on their way to the Tendos would turn out so disastrously. Who could have known that falling into one of the area?s many springs would transform poor unlucky Ranma turned from a "he" turned into a "she"!

Now, the youngest Tendo daughter, Akane (who's always claimed to "hate boys" anyway), has been nominated for bridal duty by her older sisters, while an unruly Ranma (who never wants to do anything his dad says on general principle) must cometo grips with the mixed blessing of his/her own appeal... to both boys and girls!