Owarimonogatari [BluRay] Volume 1

Owarimonogatari [BluRay] Volume 1

Owarimonogatari [BluRay] Volume 1

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Video Type - Blu-Ray Series - Owarimonogatari - Language - Japanese & W/ English Sub-Titles - Region - 1 NTSC - Publisher - Aniplex


Owarimonogatari Volume 1 contains 7 episodes

(OUGI FORMULA #1&2 / SODACHI RIDDLE #1&2 / SODACHI LOST #1-3) plus a deluxe booklet and a pin-up postcard set.

I dont know anything. But YOU know about it, Araragi.

One day, Suruga Kanbaru introduces Koyomi Araragi to a new transfer student by the name of Ougi Oshino. She claims that she is the niece of Meme Oshino. She tells Koyomi that she draws a map of every school she transfers to, and she points out there is a mysterious hidden classroom in the Naoetsu High. After getting trapped in the classroom which shouldn't exist in this world, Koyomi starts remembering some incidents from his past...