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One Piece DVD Season 7 Part 5

One Piece DVD Season 7 Part 5

One Piece DVD Season 7 Part 5

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Video Type - DVD - Series - One Piece - Language - Japanese & English - Region - 1 NTSC - Publisher - Funimation


Contains episodes 434-445

The prison invasion continues in One Piece Season 7 Part 5, as Luffy puts his life on the line to save his brother from certain death!

The Burning Hot Hell of Impel Down serves as the backdrop for a showdown with Warden Magellan, a monster with a penchant for poisoning prisoners! Luffy throws down with the toxic terror, but no warrior escapes unscathed when pummeling a foe too poisonous to touch.

After the rubber-man succumbs to the toxins breaking down his body, Bon Clay braves subzero temperatures and bloodthirsty wolves to track down a miracle worker rumored to have vanished into the gates of hell! Enter Emporio Ivankov. This larger-than-life personality has the Healing Hormones needed to save Luffy, but the cure could take ten years off the pirate’s life!

Consequences be damned, Luffy and Bon Clay take the ultimate leap of faith as they hurtle toward a reunion with Crocodile - and prison riot that could spring them from the clink and speed them on the way to saving Ace!