Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade [BluRay] The Movie "Sold Out"

Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade [BluRay] The Movie "Sold Out"

Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade [BluRay] The Movie "Sold Out"

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Video Type - Blu-Ray - Series - Jin-Roh - Language - Japanese & W/ English Sub-Titles - Region - 1 NTSC - Publisher - Discotek Media


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Released By : Eastern Star Genre : Drama/Science Fiction Rated : NR Length : 105 min Language : Japanese & English Subtitled : English Year Created : 1999

In a very different Tokyo from the one we know today, the totalitarian government rules with an iron fist. But a group called "the Sect" is staging demonstrations and challenging the government's martial law. Constable Fuse of the Capital Police's Special Unit is on a mission to stop a Sect demonstration when he encounters a girl in the sewers under Tokyo. When he fails to shoot as ordered, he is put on trail, questioned, and "re-conditioned" as a soldier.

The dead girl haunts him, both in his dreams and in the face of her sister, whom Fuse has befriended. But Fuse has made himself a target for some very powerful men. And as the world comes crashing down around him, Fuse is continually challenged to decide what is real and what is right.