The Irregular at Magic High School [BluRay] Volume 3

The Irregular at Magic High School [BluRay] Volume 3

The Irregular at Magic High School [BluRay] Volume 3

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Video Type - Blu-Ray - Series - Irregular at Magic High School - Language - Japanese & W/ English Sub-Titles - Region - 1 NTSC - Publisher - Aniplex


Contains episodes 19-26 plus a special booklet and collectible pin-ups, all in a box illustrated by character designer Kana Ishida.

The season turns from summer to fall. This is also the time for students to prepare for the "National High School Magic Thesis Competition," a.k.a. "Thesis Competition." At this nationwide competition, students representing each of the nine magic schools in the country present their research on topics ranging from magic theory to magic engineering. If the Nine Schools Competition was meant to assess the students' "physical" capabilities, the Thesis Competition evaluates their "mental" proficiency.

Even though he is a Course 2 student and only a first-year, Tatsuya is appointed to represent his school along with his group members to present their thesis on "the technical feasibility of a Gravity Control-type Thermonuclear Fusion Reactor." At the same time, Tatsuya is approached by his stepmother, Sayuri Shiba, to help analyze a "Relic."

Meanwhile, in Yokohama, where this year's Thesis Competition was scheduled to take place, local authorities investigate a series of unlawful entries into the country and work to keep the situation under control. This, however, is only the beginning of a greater conflict that would soon involve the students at the Thesis Competition...