Gatchaman 3 sub

Gatchaman 3 sub

Item# UV1012
Price: $29.98

Finally, the last, ultimate battle with the Galacter. The huge mechanical monsters and devices installed at every base of the Galacter are infiltrating the Earth's interior and causing disruptions in the weather patterns and transforming the Earth's geographical landscape into an environment hostile to the Human race.

Amongst all of these disasters Joe is beginning to regain his childhood memories and must deal with the reality that he may be spawn from the blood of those he hates so much. In a desperate attempt to deal with his shattering reality - Joe decides he must use his knowledge of the Galacter society the help the Human race. Joe single handedly infiltrates the Galacter Headquarters and manages to transmit its coordinates to the Gatchaman moments before being captured by Solaris and his henchman.

Mean while, the Gatchaman Group teams up with the Red Specter to attached the Galacter's home base - it's a brutal fight to the death and when all is said and one, both the Gatchaman and the Red Specter will pay the ultimate price.

Remember Battle of the Planets/G-Force/Eagle Riders? Ever wonder what it would be like with 90's quality animation? Why wonder, find out with this amazingly faithful update of the classic hero team show!
These toys may contain parts that could be a choking hazard to children under 3