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Doujinopolis - Episode 0 Kyun! Kyun! My TV Show is a Pilot!

Episode 0

- The products “highlighted” in this episode are: Comic Aun (Lala Poplip Pipiruno Pipiru Paparemmo) ( $105.00 online; made by SoftCore) Horny Ladies and the News (, $23.98 online; Distributed by Kitty Media)

Highlighted is used in quotations because while these highlights are mostly just a gag, they do foreshadow the fact that we will be doing segments devoted to H-products which will be handled somewhat out of main plot continuity.

- The gag with the camera falling down was inspired by a blown take wherein the camera DID slip back on the tripod, resulting in hilarity. Because the overall take wasn’t that good and key seconds of footage to sell the shot were lost, it had to be redone, albeit with artificial movement.