Danganronpa DVD/BluRay Colleciton (S.A.V.E Edition)

Danganronpa DVD/BluRay Colleciton (S.A.V.E Edition)

Danganronpa DVD/BluRay Colleciton (S.A.V.E Edition)

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Video Type - Domestic DVD & Blu-Ray - Series - Danganronpa - Language - English & Japanese - Region - 1 NTSC - Publisher - Funimation


Hope's Peak High School only accepts the best of the best, and these superlative students will have to add slaughter to their schedules if they hope to leave the school in something other than a body bag.

Beat! Stab! Crush!

Just don't get caught! To the victor goes freedom, but only if no one can figure out whodunnit. Get caught, and suffer a specially ordered punishment to fit the crime! From the oddly ordinary Makoto Naegi, to students that are the best and brightest hope for the future - all are plunged into the depths of ultimate despair! But what's this? The biggest mystery of all may be the secrets of the school itself. When the sadistic Monokuma starts to leave a trail of mind-bending clues, will there be any hope left for survival for the remaining students trapped in this trigger-happy havoc?

This limited edition contains episodes 1-13 of Dangonronpa on Blu-ray and DVD in a premium chipboard box.