Nichijou BluRay/DVD Complete Collection

Nichijou BluRay/DVD Complete Collection

Nichijou BluRay/DVD Complete Collection

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Video Type - Blu-Ray & DVD - Series - Nichijou - Language - Japanese & W/ English Sub-Titles - Region - 1 NTSC - Publisher - Funimation


Contains episodes 1-26.

Follow the adventures of three ordinary girls as they make life's awkward moments a thousand times worse. Along with a colorful bunch of classmates, they learn their most important lessons the hard way. Like whether goats are an appropriate form of transportation, who would win in a wrestling match between the principal and a deer, and most notably, if the three-second rule applies to weenies that fly through mohawks.

Meanwhile down the street, a pocket-sized professor makes life difficult for a robot who just wants to be normal. But normal is the last thing you can expect in a town where salmon fall from the sky. In fact, the only thing you can count on is your friends, but even they are totally weird.

From the creators of K-On! and Lucky Star comes a slice-of-life series packed with absurd antics and hilarious high school predicaments.