Minecraft Foam Sword "Sold Out"

Minecraft Foam Sword  "Sold Out"

Minecraft Foam Sword "Sold Out"

Item# 8EA12
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Foam Sword
Series: Minecraft


Stick + Iron Ingots = Iron SWORD! On an average day, we can think of probably a billion uses for a sword like the one in Minecraft. For starters, we'd use it to slice our alarm clock in half for waking us up from an amazing dream. Then we'd use it to butter our toast for breakfast and skewer an apple to eat on the drive to work. When the highway gets congested, we'd send our carpool buddy out ahead of us to cut down the offending vehicles and clear a path. Once at work, we'd use our Minecraft Sword to cut through red tape. (It works much better than a machete.) Then we'd use it to cut cake. Birthday cake, that is. After carefully licking away the excess frosting, we'd then point the sword menacingly at Middle Manager when he suggests staying late to finish a project. Not tonight - it's porkchop night and our Minecraft Sword is ready!


Full size Minecraft Iron Sword
Video Features Made of heavy duty EVA foam
Video Features Use it to cut up your porkchops
The Minecraft Foam Pickaxe is an officially licensed Minecraft product.